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Taking Care of YOU: 5 Self-Care Tips for Healthcare Professionals

“You cannot keep giving to others if you do not give to yourself, first. It is like pouring water from a vessel: you cannot pour and pour without ever refilling it - eventually it will run dry." Leslie K. Lobell

Healthcare Professionals are taught to care for others. But who's going to care for us? The healthcare environment is constantly changing. More is expected with what seems like less resources. We are overworked, underpaid, sometimes we feel under appreciated. Its even more difficult for those working in critical care areas that deal with death often. The same is so for those working in hospice or even oncology. And let's be honest..poor staffing gets old...REALLY OLD. Neglecting to practice self-care can lead to exhaustion, tension, and burnout. Unfortunately, many professionals suffer with burnout.

Here are 5 things every healthcare professional should be doing:

1. Treat Yourself to Monthly Massage!

Your monthly massages will definitely reduce tension and help you relax!

Get massages regularly

2. Get a Pet!

Though this may not be practical for all, I couldn't fail to mention this one. When it comes to pet ownership, there are a number of proven health benefits for people, including physical, mental and emotional improvements.

Pet Therapy

3. Mindfulness/Meditation

Mindful meditation represents a complementary therapy that has shown promise in the reduction of negative stress and those extraneous factors that lead to burnout.


4. Exercise

exercising regularly will give you an outlet to release stress and tension.

5. Get a hobby!

Keeping up with a hobby that activates a whole different part of you than healthcare can really help you cope.

Get a hobby!

Your job is to serve others. Its time that you serve yourself too. What are some practices that you have that help you deal with work-related stress?

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