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3 Tips for Staying Healthy With A Nursing Schedule

Working in healthcare can be extremely demanding. Twelve hour shifts, rotating schedules,

sleepless nights with attempts to somewhat have a personal/family life can leave little to no time for a healthy lifestyle. At one point, I was working rotating overnight shifts in a Clinical

Decisions Unit while completing my online Master’s Program. Unhealthy foods were convenient due to closed cafeterias overnight and became a crutch to get me through a long night. Years later, I realized that something needed to change and decided to make a few adjustments to my lifestyle. These changes made a major impact on my energy level, skin, and overall health.

Here are my three quick tips for living a healthy lifestyle with the exhausting and demanding

schedule of a healthcare professional.

1. Drink More Water

Try bringing a water jug with you to work and drink it throughout your shift. Twelve

hours is a long time to go without water and oftentimes we don’t drink enough during our shifts.

Water helps to increase your energy levels and concentration, which is essential during your


2. Move

Move more! The health care professional’s schedule leaves little time to go to the gym

regularly. However, there are many ways to increase your activity even at work. Try taking the

stairs as much as possible instead of the elevator when you need to go to the Blood Bank or

Pharmacy. You can even take a short 10-15 minute walk during your lunch break. Having a

fitness watch can also help you track how much activity you’re doing. Small changes in your

activity level will make all the difference and more sustainable despite scheduling challenges.

3. Bring Your Lunch

Try bringing your lunch with you to work. We often fall into the convenience trap of the

unhealthy foods in the vending machines or the cafeteria because we have no other options.

Bring healthy alternative snacks for the overnight munchies. High fiber snacks slow gastric

emptying and keep you fuller longer. Also, it’s harder to indulge in the work pizza or ice cream

party knowing that your fresh home cooked lunch is in the breakroom fridge.

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